At its core, coaching is a partnership. You and your coach will work together to determine how you are “wired” and identify your main personality traits. We also work on developing your personal brand. You will learn how human brains behave under certain circumstances and the neuroscience behind how this may prevent you from being your best. While we approach much of the work as a team, YOU have to do a lot of the heavy lifting, and it can be difficult at times. Our discussions are completely confidential, and we will go as deep as you are willing. We have some bedrock principles that we review and assess along the way to make sure you are ready to move or “climb” to the next level. Physical and emotional wellness is one of the first “rocks” or hurdles we examine to make sure you are ready for the journey. Next we review your equipment and your balance, while charting a detailed, safe path to the summit. While helping you find and define your “true north,” your coach will hold you accountable, but also have your back and ensure that your journey is a success.



• We have an on-boarding process that includes a questionnaire, a personality behavior assessments and a personal strengths assessment, in addition to an initial 90-minute session.

• We develop a picture of who you are now and create a vision of where you want to grow.

• We meet twice monthly via phone and in person occasionally for 60 minutes with follow-ups in-between to check in on specific actions, commitments and your assignments

• You can contact your coach between sessions with specific questions or concerns.

• North Rock will bill you monthly for the fee amount and you can cancel at any time.


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Executive Coach and

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Serving Washington DC  |  Maryland  |  Northern Virginia